リボーン, Elder PaoPao, Reboyama, Vongolavsky, Professor Borin
Birthday:Oct 13
Height: 40 cm Title: Sun Arcobaleno Home Tutor Hitman Weapon: Leon the shapeshifting Lizard Flame: Sun Reborn is the baby Home Tutor of Tsunayoshi Sawada and whenever he greets someone he says Ciaossu a casual male greeting that combines Ciao and Ossu. He wears a black fedora with an orange stripe running across the sides of the cone. He has black eyes and wears an allblack suit with black boots and a purple dress shirt underneath. He is always seen with his pet chameleon Leon on the brim of his hat along with his yellow Arcobaleno pacifier. Out of all Arcobalenos Reborn is said to be the strongest.