Klavier Gavin

牙琉 響也, Prince
Kristophs younger brother a prosecutor as well as lead vocalist and lead guitar for the rock band the Gavinners made up of various people in law enforcement. In a stark contrast to the series previous prosecutors Klavier despite being a perfectionist does not strive for maintaining a perfect record in the courtroom but making sure that justice is duly served by working with the defense attorneys to achieve the proper verdict. Unlike the previous prosecutors from the series who usually displayed outright contempt for Phoenix he is quite civil to Apollo when they run into each other. Despite this he nicknames Apollo Herr Forehead in reference to a contradiction Apollo pointed out in court as well as Apollos forehead being quite prominent. He studied law in Germany like Franziska von Karma and often uses bits of German vocabulary in his speech. His name is derived from the German word klavier meaning piano. His style of dress reflects his rock star personality the collar of his shirt is left open and he wears a chainlink belt and a large necklace bearing his last initial. He claims he wishes to keep himself simple because the rest of the world is complicated. At the end of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Klavier disbanded the Gavinners after their rhythm guitarist was convicted of murdering an Interpol agent. In the 3rd case of Ace Attorney Investigations the Gavinners logo appears in the stadiums stage. He often tries to tease his employee Ema Skye who calls him a glimmerous fop. Source: Wikipedia