Celcia Marieclaire

セルシア・マリクレール, Elizabeth
The unfortunate elf who happens to get tied up with her world039s new visitors Celcia offers to transport Junpei and the others back with a spell but gets distracted in the process and causes her spell book pages to be spread out all over the world. She is a bit psychotic and is constantly at odds with Junpei but she is just as determined to get him and his friends back to their own world as they are even despite her own feelings for Junpei who she039s actually in love with but publicly butts heads with. Generally she wants them to get back home because they tend to cause a LOT of trouble. During the efforts to retrieve the spell fragments Celcia displays an uncanny knack for getting stuck in animal form first as a dog Pochi into which she039d willingly transformed and secondly into a panda. The reason for her retention of these forms is that it is she who recovers spell fragments from the bodies of other elves only for them to become cloven to her. Unfortunately if they become cloven to her while she is in another form it traps her in that form. Also some of these marks are rather annoying. One for instance is a goofy looking mark on her eye By WeskerCDA