イエロー, Amarillo del Bosque Verde

Yellow was first introduced into the series in chapter 42 where she begins her role as the main character until chapter 90 when Gold takes the spotlight. Yellow was born in Viridian Forest and her birthday is on the March 3. When first introduced in the series, she was 14 years old. Yellow has a carefree personality and doesn't like to battle since she doesn't like to hurt other Pokemon. She chooses not to evolve her Pokemon, which are Rattata, Caterpie, Doduo, Omanyte, and Graveler. She also partners up with Pikachu for most of the time she is the main character. Yellow, being born in the Viridian Forest, possess a skill to heal and communicate with Pokemon. Thus, Yellow was acknowledged by Professor Oak as "the healer" and was given a Pokedex.