Charles Yoshino

芳乃 シャルル, Ruru-nee, Lulu-nee
Birthday: 25th December Height: 161 cm Weight: 49 kg BWH: 865788 Charles is a student in the same class as Ricca. She is Kiyotakas cousin and is older by one year. She came from Europe to study abroad in Japan with Kiyotaka because of family difficulties and is therefore mixed blood being half Japanese and half English. She is a member of the newspaper club now lives in the same apartment with Kiyotaka. An overdoting elder sister she makes Kiyotaka the envy of the school. I want to take care of Kiyotaka In other words ...Cook for him etc. Her name is like a boy named Charles due to her stuck the name her father gave her. She is also not good at cooking. Source: VNDB