Hange Zoe

ハンジ・ゾエ, Hange Zoë, Hanji, Hans
Birthday:Sep 5
Height: 170 cm 57 Affiliation: Survey Corps Fourth Squad Leader Leader of the Survey Corps Fourth Squad. Hange is also in charge of conducting research on Titans and pursues this knowledge so passionately that they have become obsessed with Titans as a result. After originally holding a deep hatred for the creatures Hange decided to take on a new approach to their research by letting go of their resentment towards Titans and approaching the test subjects with compassion. Hange is an energetic and freethinking scientist with a unique way of conducting both themselves and their work. Hange is a genius outside of just Titan research using their brain to create weapons tactical plans and inventions for the benefit of humanity. As a leader Hange is thoughtful of their comrades and can easily figure out complex problems in order to create plans for their teammates to carry out.