Haruka Kodama

Sasori Banchou
She is the Sasori Scorpion Banchou. She is the former 2nd generation leader of the allfemale motorcycle gang Red Scorpio. The first generation leader who took her in as a mentor was Kongou Takeshis Akiraa Brother wife and mother to Kongou Rai Takeshis son and Akiras nephew. Ever since her death Sasori Banchou has taken in Rai as some sort of adoptive son for her and has sworn to get revenge on Kongou Takeshi. Due to the similarity between Akira and Takeshi she mistakes the former for the latter and mercilessly goes after him. The way she puts it a womans grudge is worse than the depths of hell and her lethal fighting style and strength seem to support that a big deal. During her fight with Akira she was shown that she was attacking the wrong guy and now she and Akira agreed to share information in order to find Takeshi. Her ponytail curves upward and has a tip making it look like a scorpions tail. She returns to help fight against Gaugau Banchou. She appears to have a crush on Yuu Akayama whom she doesnt know is Hikyou Banchou.