Chiharu Shinonome

The redheaded Chiharu is considered one of the most attractive girls at Zashono Academy. Her breasts initially measures at 88cm Fcup and progresses throughout the series to beyond 100cm. Shes shy around boys because she came from an allgirls school. Densuke tripped on a banana peel and landed handsfirst on Chiharus chest the first time they met. Kirika later finds out that her fondness for Densuke stems from this encounter as he was the first boy to manage to touch her huge bust. Like Densuke shes a recent member of the mysterious Eiken Club and always finds Densuke falling onto her bosom or stumbling upon her while shes undressing one way or another accidentally or one of Kirikas own brand of practical jokes yet she doesnt seem to hold anything against him for it and also has feelings for him. Because of the enormous size of her breasts they are very sensitive and when they are forcefully touched or squeezed Chiharu appears to be overcome by the sensation. Due to the sheer size of her breasts she is occasionally forced to wear bras several sizes too small for her which sometimes leads to her breasts popping out of them. She reveals in later chapters of the manga that she is happiest when Densuke is quotnear herequot literally sandwiched between her huge breasts.