Kelly McCanon

Kelly is a famous country singer and her manager on the way to a concert from Earth to Mars. A really great pleasure she feels but do not and if Kelly thinks of the pesky press conferences her mood even more drastic moves downhill. More important seems to be the concern for their beloved guitar to be so she rented from the shuttle the entire load area. The Kelly fans get no chance to receive their star due because she is the victim of an attack. It is revealed that Kelly McCanon was not a man but. Loud investigation reports from the Mars Police Department a full robot with an artificial brain The brain is clearly a computer. The organictextured body is technologically far from current levels on Mars the Seconds androidgeneration. Accordingly Kelly is an illegal product that has violated the laws on Mars. As if the whole thing were not enough many viewers could by the presence of the media watch the execution of Kelly and there is at the same public that she was an android from the beginning a socalled Third.