Manami Mitama

御魂 真奈美
Race: angel/catman Appearance: angel Mother: angel Father: catman specific species name unknown. Because of his appearance catman used as a alternative name. Sisters oldest to youngest: Chigusa Chinami Chiho Suetsumi She is the class president of Nozomis class. Her family runs a shrine and she works parttime as a shrine maiden. She has four sisters all younger than her own. The first three younger sisters are triplets and have the appearance of catman despite being halfangel like Manami. The youngest sister has the appearance of both angel and and her fathers species. Unlike Manami Suetsumi does not have a halo. The halo of angels is not magical in any way. As a matter of fact it is a hair decorated in a circular shape to promote the angels culture similar to how Christians wears crucifixes.