Reine Murasame

村雨 令音

Age: ?? Height: 164 cm BWH: 95-63-87 Blood Type: O She is highly intelligent and the Analysis Officer of Ratatosk's Fraxinus Crew. She can be more called as the Vice Commander of the crew rather than Kannadzuki Kyouhei, it is usually her at the side of Kotori managing things around the crew. She transferred to Raizen Highschool as a Physics teacher and a assistant home-room teacher at Shidou's class. She has this very big eyebags which you can tell she hasn't been sleeping for years.

At some point of time she can be reliable and take Command of the directions which Shidou needs to do when dating a spirit. She acts like the "mother" of Shidou and the other Spirits to help them on their troubles and such.