Ryouma Kogure

As Ayanosuke and Sakon their way to the territory of the Hagakure clan, they fall straight into the ambush of Ryouma Kogure and his men, who are posted here as a protective guard their village and disarm the two in no time, even though they were noticed by them. Although Ryouma not know them, he closes it immediately in his heart and has no intention to make something with them, but instead he looks with his heart-warming way to immediately contact them. This warm and friendly character he received basic inherited from his father, the head of the clan. Ryouma is a man with a tremendous sense of justice would always throw his own life on the line to protect the lives of innocent people, especially his family, both his father and his younger sister, Kikyou, it is very important. But not only with his character knows Ryouma convince his skills as a ninja and warriors stand this in every way, although he is a ninja of the variety is not necessarily trying to exploit the element of surprise in itself, just as his armament in itself . Instead Ryouma looks prefer a direct confrontation, what his weapon, a halberd, a lot fairer, which is on top of that one of the three ancient magical weapons with which the battle against Nobunaga Oda will be decided in their favor. No question that he is therefore the other two followed.