Daiki Mamura

馬村 大輝

Birthday: February 10 Height: 175 cm Weight: 59 kg Blood Type: A Favorite Food: Cheese covered snacks Talents/Interests: Collecting candy Fear/Insecurity: A weird girl sits next to him Suzume's friend and classmate. His exterior is cool and aloof but he is actually extremely shy when girls make any physical contact and blushes profusely. When Suzume discovers this, she "blackmails" him by threatening to tell other people his secret. Despite his frustration and annoyance at her, he agrees and thus makes his first female friend. He finds it hard to talk to girls because he only has a brother; Suzume teases him for being simple when he tells her. Eventually, it becomes slightly easier for him to talk to them thanks to Suzume's not-so-subtle prompting. Mamura is normally very quiet and uninterested in his surroundings but gradually begins to notice everything about Suzume. He also has a gentle and caring side to him that he rarely shows to others. Yuyuka has a crush on him.