ジェノス, Demon Cyborg, Blond Cyborg
Race: Cyborg Alias: Demon Cyborg Age: 19 Height: 178 cm 510 Weight: Undisclosed Gender: Male Location: ZCity Abilities: Enhancements Physical feats Full Cyborg Weaponry Highly Skilled and Strategist Combatant Weapons: Cyborg Body Occupation: Superhero Level: SClass Rank: 16 Affiliation: The Heroes Association Partners: Saitama Master Debut: Chapter 6 Genos Jienosu is a 19 years old cyborg and a self claimed disciple of Saitama. He is always aiming to become stronger and fights for justice. As a registered Superhero he is in the SClass ranking at 16. Appearance: Genos has a mechanical body of a teenage model a pale looking face yellow eyebrows black sclera and yellow piercing eyes and has blond spiky hair. Over his mechanical limbs he wears black pants and black shoes. Genos sometimes sports new black mechanical arms during the time when he sparred with Saitama and during the time on preparing to stop a giant meteor he equipped more blockshaped black mechanical arms along with a small headgear. Personality: Genos is an extremelly serious character. He has a strong drive to get stronger than he is and pesters Saitama to train him frequently. Source: One PunchMan Wikia