Ryouta Kawara

華原 涼太)

Birthday: 3rd December He is a rock dove, and a childhood friend of Hiyoko. He is also a sophomore in class 2-2. His mother is ailing, so he maintains several jobs in order to compensate for her inability to work. Hiyoko describes him as a little mischevious, but responsible and kind. He is a great cook. He also has an easily upset stomach and poor health, something which he often goes to the infirmary to consult Shuu about. Even though he relies on Shuu, he knows about the dark rumors surrounding the deadly partridge. His father is Kawara Ryuuji. Ryouta rarely sees Ryuuji because his father is always busy with research. source: http://hatoful.wikia.com/wiki/Ryouta_Kawara