Aki Muroto

室戸 亜岐

Age: 18 Date of Birth: January 19th Blood Type: A Affiliation: Kouga Academy, Class 3-A Likes : Studying, Swimming, Diving, Reading, Being Organized Dislikes: Violation of Rules Occupation: Student Council President Aki is a third-year student. Her rather spartan personality has earned her the reputation as the "Captious Student Council President". Her grades are outstanding, the best Kouga Academy has ever seen and was formerly a member of the swim club, specifically as a diver. Her "arc" is in episode 8.

In episode 8, The reason why she made the illicit entry is because on her way to school she helped an old person who was suffering from a medical attack and nearby hospitals doesn't have a vacant room so, she escorted the sick person to her family hospital thus making her late for class and making the illicit entry.