Nadia la Arwall

Birthday:May 31
Nadia is a fourteenyearold orphan who wears a mysterious pendant around her neck. Aside from this she is unaware of her origins although she suspects she might be from Africa. Having grown up in a circus under the unloving care of her ringmaster Nadia has developed a vicious animosity toward grownups. She also opposes killing of any kindin fact she angrily refuses to show Nemo any gratitude when he guns down a NeoAtlantean to save her from being shot accusing him of murdering in cold blood. In addition she is a strict vegetarian declaring that humans have no right to feed off animals while turning a deaf ear to her friends suggestions that they eat meat out of hunger. Stubborn and badtempered though she is Nadia is actually very insecure and fears that everyone will betray her. As a result of her growing love for Jean however she learns valuable lessons about respect love friendship and faith.