Megumi Tadokoro


Age: 15
Family: Family and friends from the snowy outstation
Occupation: High School Student
Affiliation: Tootsuki Teahouse & Culinary Academy (Polar Star Dormitory)

She is one of the heroines in the manga. Originated from the snowy outstation in Japan, Megumi went to Totsuki Culinary Academy to becoming a chef and make her family proud. Unfortunately, even with her neat skills in cooking, Megumi's poor social skills and her extreme demophobia got the best of her and had to relied on someone who is closed to her possibly due to her humble status and her ordinary beginnings in the academy. However, after witness Soma's incredible cooking skills and creative method of cooking, Megumi would become his assist partner and friend through out the series.

Easily nervous and sensitive, Megumi is one of the clumsy and shy students who try to doing her best while keeping her best to becoming a chef. She is easily panic whenever accidents (some are usually in a comedic fashion) happened or other students almost finish their work. She is also rather cautious student who use the words carefully to avoid unwanted consequences.It is revealed that in manga Chapter 14, Megumi is actually fear the crowd, which the crowd made her nervous even until the extent of her lacking confidence, might be the reason for her to be having barely survived passing in the academy, even with her actually good skills in cooking. With her demophobia, Megumi's skills were remained hindered despite her knowledge of recipe and some the cooking method. Despite her weakness, Megumi is an honest and innocent student who not lie about anything She is having a strong determination and will that will try her best to reach her dream to becoming a chef after she paired with Soma. She is also values friendship and rather observe towards any cooking style available in order for Megumi to learn the style fast (especially Soma's).

Megumi style of cooking mostly based on cutting the ingredients using neat style. With her neat style of cutting, most of her cuts are considered as artistic as well as well prepare. It is due to her phobia to the crowd, her true nature of her cooking are often hindered . Megumi's careful cutting and wise using every material made her as some of the unexpected expert, even it took more weeks for her to specifying the chemistry of the ingredients for the dish. Also, despite her lack of confidence and also has phobia of crowds, Megumi's strong observation made her to create a dish to even supposed rivaled to Soma and other professional should she stay optimistic. With her being an assist chef beside Soma since her seemly last class at Chapple class, Megumi seemly adopted Soma's creativity through her observation from Soma's cooking.