Jin Saitou

Strongest Second Year,Demon God

Age: 17 Height: 180 cm Year: 2nd Nicknames/Titles: Strongest Second Year and Demon God He was an apprentice to the late Seishirou and is Kokonoe's senpai in the Shindou's dojo. He cares deeply for Kokonoe, but sadly the feelings aren't reciprocated. He is a goodhearted troublemaker while also giving off an "elder brother"-ly feeling to others. He is long-time friends with Hidehito Shikimori, who was adopted and raised by the Saitous. Their relationship is quite strong as Hidehito sees him as his light and lives for Jin. And vice versa, as Jin has cared and still cares deeply for Hidehito since their first meeting.

He has two scars on his back, both inflicted by Hidehito. The first is from when they were children (11 year-olds) and he attacked Hidehito to instill the will to live again. The other happened four years later, when Jin jumped into the path of Hidehito's swing, who, in order to protect Jin, was about to kill someone.

Having known Seishirou longer, he was closer to Seishirou than Kokonoe. However, he is not interested in what happened to Seishirou, but in how to protect his important people now. He was a main character in the Samurai Drive Prototype chapter. (source: Samurai Drive Character Intro #4)