Karen Hojo

Birthday:Sep 5
Blood Type:B
Height: 155 cm Hometown: Tokyo Japan Karen is a girl with a weak body who is best friends with Nao and Rin. The three knew each other from middleschool went to different high schools reunited again in the same production agency and became best friends there. The three of them are part of the cooltype core unit Triad Primus and she holds the Visual Role of the group. Her weak body was a result of suffering an illness during childhood that she kept secret from most people. Though never described it was implied to be severe enough to force her to spend most of her childhood inside the hospital and miss a grade. Her eventual recovery itself was considered a miracle by her doctors her family and herself. During her hospitalization her only relief was the idols that appeared on T.V. To her they were very dazzling figures full of dreams and hope and dearly wanted to become an idol as well. Although she recovered from the illness around middle school the long time she spent hospitalized caused her to have difficulties in coping with studies and schoolmates on top of weak vitality from the lack of exercise. In the end her grades severely dropped she lost many friends and she was still prone to mild sicknesses. She likes nail arts.