Viviane Blanchard

ヴィヴィアン=ブランシャール, Steel Woman

Viviane Blanchard is a supporting character of the Hungry Joker manga series written and illustrated by Tabata Yuuki. Viviane is a member of White Joker. Her Eureka ability is Sumer's Ruby - where she's able to manipulate the metal. Viviane has the appearance of a young lady with considerable height. She has a pair of big bright colored eyes and long wavy hair. Furthermore, she lets her hair flow naturally with short fringes covering her forehead and tied a few of it into a single braid at the right side of her face. She also wears a dark colored flower shaped ornament at the left side of her head. Subsequently, Vivi also wears quite an elegant attire where she sports a bright colored blouse with a high neckline, covering all of her body. The blouse has frilly edge at the end with addition of a similar dark colored frilly edges at the neckline and both wrists. Her blouse is covered in a matching dark colored corset with a bright colored line crossing down in the middle and a heart shaped ornament which covers her abdomen area. In the bottom, she also wears a matching wavy dark colored short skirt and a pair of dark colored knee-high boots. The boots are decorated with an extra bright colored fabric which has frilly design. They also have split edges at front and back and high heels. Finally, as a member of White Joker, Viviane is also seen wearing the trademark white lab-coat with her Eureka symbol placed at the lapel. Due to being born into a dignified family, Vivi has been shown to assume a lady like attitude. Additionally, she doesn't hesitate to resort in violence when someone enrages her. She is also hot-tempered and rough on the edges as she has a penchant of shouting and throwing tantrums when displeased. However, despite all of that, Vivi also has soft sides. (Source: