Subaru Sakamaki


Race: Vampire
Birthday: November 4th
Starsign: Scorpio (November 4th)
Age: 16
School Grade: 1st year
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 67 kg
Blood Type: A
Mother: Christa

Subaru is the 6th child, thus being the youngest of all the brothers. He's a delinquent type, kinda violent and loves to damage things. He's also a sadist, but despite all, can occasionally be sweet. Subaru, of all, doesn't get along to any of his brothers.

Around sixteen years prior the storyline, Christa, Subaru's mom, was forced into become a bride and was then raped. Subaru is the fruit of that rape, in fact he, like his mother, is kinda "broken" by this. His mother, everytime that sees Subaru, always begs him to kill her, but he's never capable to do that. She also gave him a knife able to kill vampires in order to get her own death. This is pretty much the reason as why he is permanently angry and breaks things. Subaru grew up without a the love of a mother, always hearing her screaming by desperation.

He is voiced by Kondo Takashi in the Drama CD.