ラーメンマン, Victory Mongolman
Birthday:Aug 25
Blood Type:O
Ramenman was a Chinese Choujin superhuman who specialized in Kung Fu and technical wrestling. He claims to know over 1000 different techniques. He has an ovalshaped face with a Fu Manchu moustache and wears a queue hairstyle. On his forehead is the kanji Ch ? which is the first character in Chgoku ? the Japanese word for China. Unlike most Choujins he lacks a muscular body and instead possesses an athletic build particularly in the earlier chapters when he had a bony and slender build and his cheekbones stuck out. During the time of his first appearance 20th Choujin Olympics Arc he is known as the Most Zangyaku Choujin Brutal Superman? and kills many of his opponents but as the series progresses he fights as a Seigi Choujin Justice Superman?. During his Zangyaku Choujin days he was a gentleman after leaving the ring and even disliked using weapons. At one point in the series he is in a vegetative state due to a severe head injury. So he assumes the identity of Mongolman Mongolman? for a while wearing a special mask made of a healing tree bark so that he can fight once again. He was also one of the few characters in Kinnikuman to never die. He became very popular with readers more than Kinnikuman himself ranking 3rd in both the Good and Evil categories of the first Character Poll and then ranking First in the 2nd Poll. Yudetamgo have stated that they originally intended for him to be merely a one time villain for the Choujin Olympics but he became so popular after his Third Place Determination Match against Terryman that they decided to keep him around. In response to this popularity Ramenman got his own spinoff series called Tatakae Ramenman. Source: Wikipedia