バング, Silver Fang, シルバーファング
Race: Human Gender: Male Occupation: Superhero Level: SClass Rank: 3 Affiliation: Heroes Association Appearance: Bang is an old man with whitespiky hair thick eyebrows and a thick mustache. He has distinct wrinkles on his face a squarish chin and has slightly tan skin. He wears a dark shirt light colored pants and kung fu shoes. Personality: Bang has a serious personality he acts calm and does not seem to be afraid at the prospect of stopping a Dragonlevel disaster meteor. He also prefers to be called by his name. Abilities: Bang being in the top 3 of the SClass ranking he is acknowledged by the public and heroes to be a strong fighter. Not much is known about Bangs abilities other than that he uses a martial art called RockSmashing Water Stream Fist. Bang is an SClass rank 3 superhero for the Heroes Association settled in ZCity. Bang owns a dojo passed down from generations and uses the fighting style the RockSmashing Water Stream Fist. Source: One PunchMan Wikia