シロエ, The Villain in Glasses, 腹黒メガネ, Dark Shiroe, Scrivener of the East, Arch Mage
Birthday:Nov 23
Real Name: Kei Shirogane Race: HalfAlv Class: Enchanter Class Level: 90 Volume 1 93 Volume 7 Subclass: Scribe Subclass Level: 90 HP: 8303 Lv. 90 11162 Lv. 93 MP: 12088 Lv. 90 12996 Lv. 93 Height: 177 cm 510 Guild: Log Horizon Kiroku no Chiheisen Other Affiliations: Round Table Alliance Previous Affiliation: Debauchery Tea Party Abyssal Shaft Raid Party Shibuya Raid Team Shiroe the main protagonist of the series was an engineering grad student before the Apocalypse. Hes one of the most experienced and skillful adventurers in the game due to having started playing Elder Tale when he was in middle school. Hes also infamous for being a brilliant tactician. He is renowned as the strategist of the Debauchery Tea Party an informal group that managed to tackle some of the games most difficult raids. He knows Naotsugu from the time both of them spent with the Debauchery Tea Party. As an introvert with asocial tendencies he would rather not have anything to do with guilds. Which is also because he doesnt want people to use him for his knowledge and skills. However he doesnt actually hate other people and he tends sympathize with beginners especially if they happen to be children.