Akari Hizamaru


Nationality: Japan Mars Ranking: #6 Age: 20 Height: 177 cm Weight: 91 kg - 96 kg (while on duty) Surgery Base: Bagworm (Psychidae) Eye Color: Brown Blood Type: O Favorite Food: Anything filling Dislikes: Crockroroachs Date of Birth: Unknown. He considers August 2 as his birthday Hobbies: Illustration, reading He was born with a densely muscled build, likely inherited from a member of Bugs II crew (one of his parents had the bug surgery). He is trained in Martial Arts at dojo run by diretor of orphanage (although it was described as "karate" in the foreign underground ring, it is actually an old form of Jui-Jitsu). He joined to Annex Project in order to acquire a sample of the A.E. Virus to create a vacine.