Miki Hosokawa


Possibly the greatest troublemaker in Nūbē's class, Miki Hosokawa (Hosokawa Miki 細川美樹) is known best for her big mouth, her vast spiritual knowledge...and her big bust! At the start, Miki was a mere tattletale, consistently chatting on and on about various rumors and such, especially if Nūbē was involved. But after a near-fatal encounter with a tattletale yōkai, she begins to tone down her talking and starts focusing on more spiritual matters. Miki begins to do consistent research on various spirit and yōkai manners, to the point where even her teacher came to her for things he may not know! While most of this is merely knowledge, she consistently looks for supernatural means to assist her, either for her rumor mill or to get rich quick. One of her most important spiritual developments was gaining the ability to become a rokurokubi, where she can spiritually stretch her head and neck to go undercover to anywhere she chooses. Extremely vain about her physicality, Miki prides in her growing buxom figure (she grows from a B-cup to an F-cup over the course of the series) and flaunts it whenever she can. Her name is an homage to a main heroine in another of the main Nūbē influences: Go Nagai's classic horror series Devilman. Source - Wikipedia