Yuzu Aihara

藍原柚子, Yuzucchi, Yuzupon, Yuyu

The self-proclaimed Gyaru and only child, Yuzu transfers to an all-girls school after her mother is remarried. Yuzu is outspoken, daring, and shameless to some extent. She is often seen wearing her uniform that runs against the rules thus far. Unfortunately for her, she is bothered by the Student Council President's dress code enforcement. Yuzu eventually comes home to hear that she is now the older sister of the Student Council President, Aihara Mei. Despite showing irritation towards Mei, she becomes concerned for her in which transitions into infatuation and deep care. Though she is rebellious in school, she means well and is often acting on behalf of Mei in a sense of protection. Also, her closest friend in school is Harumin.