Ryuubi Gundam

劉備ガンダム, Liu Bei
Character Basis: Liu Bei Actor: Gundam G3 Gundam when in Snow Gear Special Attack: Dragon Emperor Slash Star Dragon Slash Special Attack Trinity mode: Unification of Three Dragon Star Slash The successor of Ryuutei. A young samurai who is from the bloodline of the Ryuutei who once ruled the whole Mirisha. He is born in Rousou Village of Yuushuu in northern Mirisha. He does not accept the evil for justice he can stand against anyone without any fear a man of men. His righteous spirit later gathered a number of warriors under his banner. A cheerful youth who is always caring to children. He looks up to his senior Kousonsan Gongsun Zan. Weapon: Garyt ? Dragon Fang Sword red Sryt ? Dragon Claw Sword blue Ryteiken ? Dragon Imperial Sword Source: Wikipedia