Kakashi Hatake

はたけカカシ, The Copy Ninja, Kakashi of the Sharingan, Sukea Sixth Hokage
Birthday:Sep 15
Blood Type:O
Height: 180 cm 511 With his Sharingan Kakashi has been able to copy more than one thousand jutsu giving him the nickname Copy Ninja Kakashi. As a result Kakashis arsenal most prominently features ninjutsu abilities and has led to him becoming a specialist in the field. Kakashi has an ongoing albeit slightly onesided rivalry with Might Guy with Guy constantly proclaiming that Kakashi is his rival and considering his and Kakashis subordinates rivals. Kakashi however seems indifferent to their rivalry which annoys Guy to no end. Though he evasively says that he has many hobbies when asked about himself he is commonly seen reading of Icha Icha Paradise Icha Icha Paradaisu literally Make Out Paradise an adult and probably pornographic novel authored by Jiraiya that is a runaway bestseller in the Naruto world. Kakashi most prominently reads it while training and speaking with his team and is later seen reading the second known volume in the series Icha Icha Violence Icha Icha Baiorensu literally Make Out Violence. In Part II Naruto gives him the new Icha Icha Tactics Icha Icha Takutikusu literally Make Out Tactics. Kakashis Sharingan eye gives him a significant advantage in battle as he can copy enemy techniques and use them as his own as well as track and predict his opponents movements flawlessly. Because it is a transplanted eye his Sharingan eye is always active. While this would not be much of a problem for an Uchiha his nonUchiha blood causes it to use much more chakra than it should. Because of this he covers it with his headband and only utilizes it in the most dangerous battles. Kakashis use of the Sharingan is as good as that of Itachi Uchiha though the aforementioned handicaps brought about by the nature of his eye make him somewhat weaker in comparison.