Yuusuke Makishima

巻島 裕介

Makishima was and still is often seen as creepy due to his facial expressions, strange hair color, and irregular dancing style. Makishima has admitted to being bad at socializing, and he often comes across as uncaring or harsh as a result, such as when he told Naruko and Onoda to leave Tadokoro behind. However, it is clearly shown that Makishima is kind-hearted and a bit softer than he looks, as he often gives Onoda useful advice about cycling. He cares and worries about his friends, as exemplified when he ran to Tadokoro's aid after the first day of the Inter High. Makishima also has a generally negative personality and seems to always expect the worst, which is probably why Onoda's successes have had such a large impact on him. He has a habit of ending sentences with "sho." (Source: Yowamushi Pedal Wiki)