ヘスティア, Vesta, Loli Big-Boobs (ロリ巨乳)
Race: God Height: 140 cm 47 Affiliation: Hestia Familia Hestia is an energetic kind goddess who sees potential in Bell. She is a hard worker and works jobs to support the two while Bell goes off to the dungeon. Hestia tends to be shown as very petty and gets jealous easily when girls namely Aiz show interest in Bell because she is deeply in love with him or they are the reason for his strength growth. Despite seeming mature and dependable toward Bell Hestia is in truth a lazy goddess as she couldnt get a job or put effort into work. After descending to the Lower World Hestia was taken care of by her friend Hephaestus. Soon after she was asked to live on her own after she kept freeloading off of Hephaestus familia and was given a room at an abandoned church. Hestia tried to create her own familia but wasnt able to recruit anyone. After failing to recruit for the 50th time she noticed Bell and decided to secretly follow him. Hestia found out that Bell had been trying to enter a familia but was rejected multiple times and seemed to be in the same boat. Hestia then took the chance to recruit him which Bell happily agreed upon becoming the first member of her familia. She took Bell to a bookstore the location she already decided beforehand and granted her Falna to her first dependent.