Ais Wallenstein

アイズ・ヴァレンシュタイン, Sword Princess, War Princess
Race: Human Age: 16 Height: 162 cm 54 BWH: 865475 Likes: eating going to the dungeon Affiliation: Loki Familia Level: 6 Achieved Floor: 59 Status: Strength: H154 Endurance: H153 Dexterity: H189 Agility: H174 Magic: G202 Hunter: G Abnormal Resistance: G Swordsman: H Spirit Healing: I Skill: Avenger Magic: Ariel Armor: Armor Dress: Loki Custom Weapon: Desperate Ais Wallenstein also known as the Sword Princess is a FirstClass Adventurer and a key member of the Loki Familia. Among the small fraction of FirstClass Adventurers she is considered one of the strongest. Ais is a quiet person who doesnt talk much and is bad at expressing her feelings through words. Because of this she is thought to be mysterious however she is actually mentally young even visualizing a younger version of herself in certain situations such as when she gave Bell a lap pillow. Ais is shown to be serious and merciless toward monsters during her missions. Ais is believed to be an airhead namely due to her quiet nature. Ais is very strongwilled doing everything to reach her goal: to become even stronger. Even offering to train Bell just so she could try to determine the key to his quick growth. Ais doesnt look down on the weak despite being a First Class Adventurer. Ais appears to be somewhat clueless toward people confessing their love toward her and rejects anyone asking for courtship. She also tends to react violently whenever someone does anything remotely perverted to her. Ais is unable to swim as when she was 7 years old Riveria punished Ais for calling her an old woman by tying adamantite to her and throwing her in water calling it swimming training. This later became a traumatic experience for her making her avoid water in general while in the dungeon and if she has to bathe she tries to stay in areas where her feet reach the bottom Ais exhibits a strong interest in Bell mainly because of his rabbitlike appearance. However she helps him whenever she can such as when she immediately moved to rescue him when she heard that he was being attacked by the Minotaur. During the time she trained Bell Tiona pointed out that she seemed happy an emotion she had never seen her show before. She interacts with Bell very favorably such as taking care of Bell on the 18th Floor and accepting his request to dance at the ball held by Apollo even though it was her first time. Ais entered Lokis Familia at the age of 7. In the underground dungeon she carried everybodys luggage. Ais was able to reach Level 2 within a year and became the fastest person to reach Level 2 at that time until Bell Cranel broke that record. Ais has also fought against Phryne Jamil on three occasions: once when she was a new Level 2 a second time when they encountered each other in the dungeon two years after their first meeting and a third time when Ais reached Level 5. Ais goal is to become strong enough to defeat the One Eyed Black Dragon and take back her mother. Because her goal is revengedriven and for her own sake she considers herself unable to become a hero.