Misuzu Sonokata


Misuzu is Chuuta's classmate in his school. Although popular for her angelic face and excellence in both academic and sports, she has ill temper and sharp tongue that makes boys hesitant to approach her. She is a member of elDLIVE that has been assigned to observe Chuuta under her superior's order, Rein Blick, after the computer chose him as a suitable candidate to join elDLIVE.

After observing Chuuta for some times, she immediately concludes that he's not suit to become elDLIVE member, thinking of him as a pervert after seeing the way when he was looking at her during one their classes, something that she straightforwardly points out right in front of him and elDLIVE member. She takes pride of being an elDLIVE member and her duty very seriously. This made her refuses to acknowledge Chuuta as an official elDLIVE member or receiving any help from him, constantly criticise him for his lack of experience, which frustrates Chuuta.