Nanana Ryuugajou

龍ヶ嬢 七々々

The female heroine. Nanana is the ghost bounded to Juugo's room since her murder 10 years ago. Unable to rest in peace, Nanana spends all her time playing video and online games, and eating her favorite and only food – pudding, therefore force to live as a NEET; though she is never bored with it, but in reality she is lonely until Juugo rents the room. Living as a human, Nanana was an exceptional student who is extremely adventurous, she along with seven other exceptional high school students whom were known as the "Great 7" founded the Nanae Island project.

Her so called Nanana's Collection were rumored to be a treasure trove of her enormous fortune that she amass from her treasure hunting adventures, where part of it was used to fund her project, while the rest were hidden all over the island. Among her collections are rare and mysterious artifacts that contains magical properties.

Likes pudding.

(Source: Wikipedia)