Chise Hatori

羽鳥智世, Daughter of Thorn
Height: 155cm Chise Hatori is a Sleigh Beggy and one of the main protagonists of the series. She is the apprentice and wife of Elias Ainsworth. Devoid of love from a young age Chise has a mysterious connection to magic which causes her to attract fairies. She learns more about her magical abilities as she finds herself in the care and tutelage of Elias a powerful mage. Chis was passed around by her relatives as no one wanted to have her in their home. Eventually Chise fell into a deep depression. At the auction house she was bought for five million pounds and began living with Elias Ainsworth in his household which is set in a village that is close to London. Source: Ancient Magus Bride Wiki Crunchyroll