Kaisar Lidfard

カイザル・リドファルド, Lidfort
Kaisar used to be a knight from a prestigious family but has since become a bounty hunter. He chases Favaro blaming him for his current status. Kaisar is a very tall man with white pants a green shirt with white stripes and golden buttons and a dark green vest hung over it with green arm covers and golden stripes on the wrists. He has his knights sword sheathed in a navy blue scabbard on his left side at all times. At times hes seen in gray knights armor even when he takes the armor off he keeps the leggins of the armor on his legs. Can be often seen holding a knights pose and usually bears himself with knightly demeanor. He is a righteous man with a very strong sense of honor and constantly follows his own ideal of justice. Kaisar is shown to be very empathetic and compassionate as seen during his meeting with Rita. Because of his tragic past as a rebellious son who was distant from his family Kaisar now highly values family and abhors other people who take their family for granted. Seems to have a crush on Amira calling her a beauty on their first encounter.