Subaru Natsuki

ナツキ・スバル, Barusu, Lolimancer, Young Su, Baru, Subaruun, Natsumi Schwartz, Bals, Le Chevalier de la Demi-Elfe, The Half Elf's Knight, Natsuki Schwartz, Spirit Knight, Purge King, Captain, Boss, Suu, Basu Sin Archbishop of Pride, Pride
Birthday:Apr 1
Initial Age:17
Height: 173 cm 58 On the way home from the convenience store he suddenly finds himself transported into another world. He has the ability that he calls Return by Death to go back in time when he dies. Despite being a hikikomori and gamer in his real world Subaru does a bit of workout and seems to know basic handtohand combat making him not completely weak. While Subaru tends to not read the situation he is loyal to those he holds dear willing to help them even if that means taking the thorny path. He has his resolve confirmed through the many situations and circumstances he faces in the fantasy world originally having been one to always take the easy route. As a hikikomori he is hopeful of the possibilities that being sucked into a new realm brings but later realizes the realities of the predicament he is in. Ultimately he resolves himself to be faithful and protective of the ones that he cares most about.