Karin Miyoshi

三好夏凜, Nibosshi (にぼっしー), Dried Sardines
Birthday:Jun 12
Blood Type:B
A second year in middle school and member of the Hero Club. She is an experienced hero who transferred into Yuuna and Mimoris class joining the Hero Club to supervise the other heroes. Karin is depicted as a headstrong individual: stubborn obstinate and singleminded. She is very abrasive and finds it difficult when expressing her feelings towards others. However she cant resist helping whenever someone is having trouble. She is rather selfconfident and positive initially believing her skills are far greater than the other members of the Hero Club. One could describe her as a tsundere. As a Hero Karin dualwields twin katana. She is also able to throw her katana to strike at range while being able to generate new ones. Karin also has powerful physical abilities and can sense things without being able to see them.