Eruru Kariya

狩夜 えるる
Eruru is a very petite girl of short stature gets mistaken by Hisui for her age as a result of it donning a gold cross in her shortlengthed blue hair and wears a set of thin glasses. She comes off as the completely emotionless type but much to her chagrin Hisui manages to bring some of the locked away emotions to light eventually when she joins the cast she starts displaying more of her emotions even embarrassment over a particular topic. She is quite a knowledgeable person who has actually finished university level education and is employed by the Metropolitan Police Department Supernatural Investigations Section as a special consultant where they deal with all of the happenings with regards to matters police cannot deal with everything that falls out of human common sense. Her most notable possession is a personalised gun known as Argentum which is designed to be utilised in combat against supernatural entities such as vampires and the like. Source: MAL