Katsuki Bakugou

爆豪勝己, Katsuki Bakugo, Kacchan, King Explosion Murder, Kazinho, Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight (大•爆•殺•神ダイナマイト)
Birthday:Apr 20
Initial Age:14
Blood Type:A
Height: 172 cm 57 Affiliation: U.A High School Quirk: Explosion Katsuki is a very aggressive person and is Midoriya Izukus rival character. He has both a superiority complex and a inferiority complex wanting be the best at everything and often very hard on himself when he comes up short. He doesnt like it when people look down on him as if they were superior to him and he gets mad easily. He is extremely arrogant and cocky. He also thinks of people such as Midoriya Izuku as an obstacle on his path to becoming the greatest hero. Midoriya Izukus passionate heart and strong resolve to save everyone who is in need greatly intimidates Bakugo whos experienced firsthand how unwavering Midoriyas resolve is.