Eina Tulle

Race: Half Elf Height: 164 cm 55 Affiliation: Guild Eina Tulle is a receptionist at the Guild and Bell Cranels advisor. Eina joined the Guild five years earlier at the age of 14 after she graduated from the school. Originally excited to work at the Guild she quickly learned that it wasnt as fun as she thought it would be eventually changing her personality into what it is now. She met Bell four years later and became his dungeon adviser. Eina shows a serious calm demeanor appearing as a very wise and sisterly figure towards Bell even so far as getting worried whenever he went out to dangerous levels in the dungeon. She gets embarrassed when the subject of romance or love is mentioned especially coming from Bell. Eina is passionate about her job as she doesnt want any adventurers under her care to die in the dungeon. She has a particular stance when it comes to advising adventurers in addition to the usual Dungeonprowling advice and regular meetings she would also summon her adventurers to private lessons where she crams as much Dungeon knowledge into their heads as possible. It was to the point where she gained a scary reputation among many adventurers as she would often demand her pupils to perfectly draw out maps and monsters strategies from memory with the threat of extra work if there were any mistakes. No one had lasted all the way to the end of her course most ran away halfway through and the only one known so far to be able to endure her lessons is Bell. Due to her beauty Eina is popular with her coworkers and adventurers and is often flirted on and some keep on trying even if theyre rejected like Dormul and Luvis. However she is interested in men that are unreliable like Bell instead of reliable men.