Liliruca Arde

リリルカ・アーデ, Lili
Race: Pallum Height: 110 cm 37 Affiliation: Hestia Familia Level: 2 Skills: Artel Assist Command Call Magic: Cinder Ella Weapon: Sciurus Walnut Dagger Liliruca Arde is a member of the Hestia Familia. Originally a member of the Soma Familia she converted to the Hestia Familia after securing her freedom after the War Game. Lili was born to Hobbit parents belonging to the Soma Familia making her a member of the Familia from birth. However her parents didnt look after her and ordered her to earn money for them instead. A while later her parents were killed in the dungeon leaving her to fend for herself. The Soma Familia didnt take care of her and bullied her making her lonely and isolated. To earn money she tried to be an adventurer but didnt have the talent eventually switching to being a supporter. As a supporter she was constantly looked down on by those she partied with fueling the hatred of adventurers inside of her. After a while Lili decided to run away from the Soma Familia and become a normal citizen. However the Soma Familia found her and inflicted misery on the old couple who took care of her destroying their store and stealing money. She began to hate Soma himself wondering why he created a Familia if he wasnt going to take care of it. From that time on Lili began using her hatred of adventurers as an excuse to trick and steal from them. She also treated Bell the same way however his actions repeatedly caused her to question her own attitude. After she is saved by Bell she becomes much closer to him and develops romantic feelings for him. Lili often uses her experience to gather information or do jobs that Bell and the other members of the Hestia Familia would be unable to do properly. She is also frequently amazed at how Bell seems to constantly get himself involved in trouble yet she still cooperates with him in whatever he does. Lili is regarded as the brains of the Familia being that she is the most capable when it comes to developing battle plans and strategies. She advised Bell and Welf to travel to the eighteenth floor when they were trapped in the dungeon and she was crucial in forming the Hestia Familias plan of attack for the War Game. Lili also possesses a strong insight forged through her time as a thief as she was able to pick up Finn Deimnes speech patterns mannerisms and character after only one meeting with him.