Alice Nakiri

薙切アリス, Chief Alice

Alice Nakiri (薙切アリス Nakiri Arisu) is a 92nd Tōtsuki Generation student and Erina Nakiri's cousin, whose cooking style is specialized in Molecular Gastronomy.

Unlike her cousin though, Alice is much more friendly and cheery. She even will talk to her rivals casually, sometimes merely to poke fun at them, something she inherited from her mother. She is also a modern girl, eager to talk about love and gossip, even with the incredibly socially dense Erina. She is also very cunning, able to manipulate Erina using reverse psychology to keep her at a local public pool despite the latter's initial disgust at the location. She is quite bossy with Ryō, usually ordering him to do nearly everything for her. She tends to overreact when she is unhappy, throwing fits or snapping back at people. However, most of these are temporary and she will quickly return to normal in a few minutes.