Yoichi Saotome

早乙女 与一
Birthday:Nov 23, 2004
Blood Type:B
Height: 165 cm 55 Weight: 50 kg 110 lbs Race: Human Affiliation: Japanese Imperial Demon Army Section: Moon Demon Squad Demon Weapon Series: Black Demon Series Demon: Gekkouin He is a member of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army and Shinoa Hragis squad in the Moon Demon Company. Yoichi has an equilibrium of kindness and altruism giving him an optimistic and sweet personality. This gives him a strong mental balance against his demon who takes the form of his sister. He lacked passion to kill vampires and fight and avenge his sister originally but as he got to know his new family he began to see the reason that he was there. Yoichi does dislike conflict amongst friends but conflict on the battle field doesnt bother him anymore. As time passed Yoichi is shown to be much more confident with his skills sniping down three Horsemen at ease by himself. Yoichi is usually the peace maker around Shinoas Squad. Yuichiro and Kimizuki are usually fighting and Yoichi often ends up in the middle of it. He has developed a love for his family that impacted his personality greatly. He used to get very nervous and stutter a lot but the closer he got to the Squad the more confident he got. He doesnt question his selfworth as much as before and instead focuses more on protecting his new family.