Youji Itami

伊丹 耀司

Itami is an otaku who loves to read doujinshi and online novels. Work is nothing more then something that provides an income source for his interest. Itami is a selfless person, he will help anyone who need help no matter if it's friend or enemy. He also cares about other people who he hasn't met before as seen when he immediately saved a japanese woman who was Zorzal's slave. Itami doesn't like the idea of slavery in Special Region. He can become friends with almost anyone no matter what their race is, and he doesn't seem to be bothered by that. Unlike other people in Special Region. He is desctibed as a bland man, but there is something captivating about him as stated by Rory. Itami gets along quite well with his ex-wife Risa, despite her occasionally begging him for money.

(Source: Gate Wiki)