Chidori Takashiro

Birthday:Aug 14
Chidori resembles the sin of Envy. Her updated sin is GoodyTwoShoes. Her identification when she experiences pain is D5. Chidori was first portrayed as clumsy emotional and seemingly nosy at times. She seems to sincerely care about all of the other Kiznaivers especially Katsuhira Agata Chidoris childhood friend and tries to cheer them up when theyre upset. She got embarrassed rather easily and had been told by Tsuguhito Yuta that she was too heavy when it comes to her emotions. If too embarrassed or irritated she would hit the person who caused those feelings. Chidori was called TwoGoody Shoes by Noriko Sonozaki. She has a tendency to take care of others as seen when she cooks meals for Katsuhira and Hajime Tenga and also when she tries to solve Katushiras problems for him by talking to the teachers about his being bullied and demanding that the bullies return his money. She is very defensive of her friends especially Katsuhira because she knows he wont defend himself out of apathy. Source: Kiznaiver Wikia