Hajime Tenga

天河 一
Birthday:Sep 18
Of the Seven Deadly Sins of ModernDay Japan Tengas sin is that of the Musclehead Thug. However while he is known among his peers as an unpredictable and intimidating delinquent his true personality holds a deepseated desire to help others. In the proper spirit of the Musclehead Tenga is an incredibly energetic and physically strong person who many times acts on a whim in order to push through and keep events moving along. In spite of his image however he in many situations can display some of the highest practical intelligence and observational skills among the seven Kiznaivers easily able to glean the root of a problem without much effort. Although his nature is typically thoughtful and concerned for others when he is faced with strong negative emotions such as jealousy Tenga is capable of displaying liberal amounts of selfishness to the point of extreme senseless violence. Still even in such rare cases he eventually comes to terms deep down that his actions were misguided. Source: Kiznaiver Wikia