Jin Bubaigawara

分倍河原仁, Twice (トゥワイス)
Birthday:May 10
Occupation: Villain Affiliation: League of Villains Vanguard Action Squad Paranormal Liberation Front Quirk: Double Special Move: Infinite Doubles: Sad Mans Parade Twices Quirk allows him to create clones of himself or others. In order to duplicate something he needs to know the exact measurements and characteristics. The clones of other people have the same Quirks as the original however they are less durable. They dont disappear instead they disintegrate into a mudlike substance after taking a certain degree of damage. Twices entire body is covered by a blackandgrey fullbody suit that hides any distinguishing features about his body. He has red and blue wristbands. Twice has an explosive and lively personality. He would insult Dabi one moment and then quickly praise him when he appeared behind him. This is in part due to his mental instability due to a violent incident with the clones he made of himself which led to an ongoing existential crisis and to him not knowing whether he was real or a clone himself. He uses his mask to combat his identity crisis stating that he only feels whole when he wears it.