パック, Beast of the End, 終焉の獣, Shuuen no Kemono
Puck is an Artificial Spirit that Emilia was formerly contracted with. He is the current Great Spirit of Fire. Puck can be described as cute or adorable thus his skin being pink around his cheeks. His fur is mostly grey with silver in certain spots i.e. tip of the tail. His eyebrows are pretty small and rhombusshaped. He also has a gold earring on his left ear. Sometimes he carries a purple bag. Puck is generally a nice spirit. He is very happy and stays at Emilias side to protect her affectionately calling her Lia. He occasionally goofs around and gets along especially well with Beatrice. However Pucks demeanor greatly changes in loops where Emilia dies showing a complete disregard for anyone except her and was even willing to destroy the world because of the condition in their contract. Source: Re:Zero Wiki